Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Smitten Smorgasbord.

A few blog post back, I shared one of my favorite staples to keep in the fridge.

Here are a few more that make me super happy:

Amazing chicken salad from my favorite food blog, Smitten Kitchen.
I omit the shallot, and use dried cherries instead of the cranberries. I also double the amount of the champagne vinegar. It gives it a nice tang. Fresh Tarragon makes a huge difference.

Another fave all summer is a fresh tomato mozzarella salad. LOTS of pepper and fresh basil, and a really good olive oil will jazz it up.

This zucchini sautee is the STUFF! Super easy--goes with chicken, fish, etc. We eat it all summer long.

Hope y'all aren't growing tired of my food love. Keep in mind that I'm 6 months preggers, and getting dressed isn't as exciting anymore. So, instead of my "what I'm wearing" posts, they have been replaced with "what I'm eating".

At least until the big, fat fall fashion mags arrive in my mailbox.

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