Friday, May 28, 2010

Pimpin' out my girls....

These two nuts are giving it away....a $60 gift card to CSN stores.
You could lose your mind figuring how to spend it, as the possibilities are endless.

For your chance in life to be a winner, hop over to their blog (you'll be glad you did--humor galore), become a follower, leave a comment, yadda yadda yadda, you know the drills.
And if you aren't familiar with the drills, all of the rules and regulations are posted on the blog.

These girls are so great, and Shan is such an amazing friend that she promised me if I don't win the gift card, my consolation prize would be this necklace that she is dying to get rid of.

Love you gals!


MerciBlahBlah said...

Aahhhhh, thank ye kindly. I can't WAIT to wear that necklace at next ladieth wine night - please tell me you're going....

Surriously - I appursheeeate the pimp out. Fo realz.


Full House said...

well you best be winning the $60 because she told me that if I didn't win than I would get the necklace,,something about her wanting me to have it because we both have triplets.

if i lived closer i'd inviteth myself to ladieth night...but then again you girls may be too crazy for me:-) wait but then there might be good food involved so pls. disregard the before said.

have a great weekend.