Sunday, May 23, 2010

Snippets from the weekend.

It was an action packed few days: finalizing some details on decorating a dear friend's home, house projects of our own (pics to come), a trip to the zoo, an afternoon in the park, Lindsey's yummy snow cones, a family get together starting with The Barefoot Contessa's Goat Cheese Tomato Tarts, and ending with Giada's Orange Raspberry cake (thanks, Shannan!).

My living room is filled with hot pink flowers, and I couldn't be more exhausted.

The mister instructed me to "go lie down or I'm going to punch you", as he did all of the dishes.

Life is good.
Hope you had a lovely weekend!


Maria said...

love all your pink flowers and your rocking sunglasses!

MerciBlahBlah said...

Is that not the Best. Cake. Evah? Did you make frosting w/creme fraiche, or substitute mascarpone cheese? I used mascarpone, and it's delish. Love your punk vase, you punk.Miss you!!!!

Jenni said...

awwwwww What a fabulous weekend!!! Your food is always so amazing looking :)

GiGi said...

Shanster--i used cream cheesey goodness instead.
i will have to try the mascarpone (insert annoying giada accent).

everyone should try this cake.
and try to only eat one piece.
i double dog dare y'all.

mindy said...

oh my gosh, that fourth picture of your little man's face...sheer joy. he kills me! and goat cheese tomato tarts? um, yes please.

淑貞 said...


Full House said...

that goat cheese tart loves so good. i bet you made your familia very happy.

can you pls. post about the salmon again though..i'm sort of not joking because then I don't have to search your whole blog to find it because i thought i bookmarked it but then really didn't.