Friday, May 21, 2010

Too much drama for this mamma.

Pretty much since day one, you have been just like your father: laid back, focused, even tempered, easy to figure out.
Along comes your 17 month birthday, and I enter the picture. You become determined, strong willed, stubborn and dramatic. Oh, you're still a lot like your dad, but if you don't get your way asap, well it's game over.
There are really only a few situations that get you all wired up:
You insist on walking everywhere. You're father and I should be entitled to a discount on our overpriced stroller because I never use it anymore.
If I pick you up to cross a busy street, you really let me have it. You love to arch your back, go limp, and cry, as your 5 ft. pregnant mamma tries to pick you up without throwing her back out.
Not going in the direction you want to go in.
This is really under the walking category, but if we need to go in a certain direction, and you want to go another way, you become as stubborn as a bull. You have this amazing super power of being able to super glue your feet to the ground, and not move an inch, even when I'm trying to redirect you. It's oh, so much fun.
Elevators and Buttons.
I know most little ones love them an elevator, and yes, I have become that mother that prays to the good Lord above that when we get into one, there will not be any button pressing competition. If you see an elevator out of the corner of your eye, the super glue feet come out, and you immediately hold your index finger in the air letting me know that we HAVE to go over to it, and that button MUST be pressed at once. It's pretty much out of control.
Mothers looking on who have older children just smile, and say, "it's his age.", or, "it's really a good thing that he knows what he wants". I would like to respond back, "yes, but I can't have my class of cab at the end of the day to compensate for this drama", but I just smile and nod.

I know it won't always be like this, and that I should love that you're coming into your own (I do), but if we could just eliminate the going limp portion of the tantrum, I would be forever grateful.


Sparrow's Nest said...

Yikes!!! Not a happy camper there. I'll stick with my kitties for now. They don't care for elevators or buttons. Phew! ( =

Melanie said...

That picture is priceless...good thing he is so stinking cute, it makes getting through the tantrums a little easier...right?!

Lizzifer said...

Please, with those curls, did you really think he wouldn't learn how to toss them around dramatically?? You are doomed.