Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

Mirror mirror on the wall......

I love this photo so much, I want to marry it.

"you look so absurd, you look so obscene"

I am not a Halloween kind of gal. Never have been.
These pictures, however, I am ALL about.

Girl Crush

I have many.
Theodora is on the top of my list though.
It doesn't hurt that she is the love child of the coolest couple ever.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Falling for you

Every single day I love you more and more.
How is that possbile??!!
Thanks for snuggling with me at the park.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Oh Jonathan, be still my heart.
Two of my favorite things: shoes & butter.
You're a flipping genius.

Oh no you di'int.....

What on earth is going on here, Diane?
Your new name is Freddy Kruger.
This outfit scares me beyond belief--is this a Halloween thing?
Redeem yourself Freddy, and we'll go back to our normal relationship.

Adam "Ant" Bert

I'm sorry, you are sooooo talented. And pretty. And you can scream like no other. And I really think you could be the "next" Robert Plant, or Steven Tyler.
But Adam, sweetie, this album cover is poop city. Crap-ola. Bottom of my shoe.. Inside of a toilet--in an airport.
Call me--I can do much better.
And wear some leather.

The blog world is amazing.
Sometimes you find great shoes.
Other times it's a great bread budding recipe.
And then, there are the lovely occasions where you meet a new friend.
And you stalk her until she agrees to have a drink with you.
Shan and Amy are super cool, and Mel and I can't wait to officially meet Amy, and have a fashion show with her.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

On the left

stolen from here

I love everything about it.

Monday, October 19, 2009

I'll have what she's having

Oh Olivia--you may make strange faces on every episode of the city, but you always redeem yourself with your get up's.

My pumpkins

Fall would not be complete without a pumpkin patch (and a new handbag).
And the pumpkin patch would not be complete unless we kidnapped our best-ies and took them with us.
Good times had by all.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kitchen Lust

Before I go dissing my kitchen, I have to say I am quite happy with it. The "before" state of my kitchen was a bloody nightmare. We're talking LAYERS of salt & pepper 70's wallpaper, and orange-y nasty cabinets. Of course, I have a new sink and back splash on our "to do" list, but I actually enjoy being in there now.
HOWEVER, I would consider turning tricks for this kitchen:

Okay, okay, while I'm not going to become a lady of the evening, I am head over heels for this kitchen. That being said, in case one of you is going to send Nate Berkus or Carter Oosterhouse my way, I would like my floors to be glossy black. Just sayin'.

Friday, October 16, 2009

As if you didn't already know.....

That this is what you should be getting me for my birthday.
Just sayin'.

You know what's so cool??

Having friends that you can cry with. Or for.
Having friends that you go through things with--sometimes similar things.
Having friends that can inspire you, or make you laugh.
But what's really cool is having friends like this that you haven't even met yet.
Mindy, I am so thrilled for you.
Welcome little Nolan-we are so glad you are here, and healthy, and as cute as a button.
But lay off those gymnastics, will 'ya???

It's time....

We all love her. Even if you hate her, you love to hate her.
She's infectious-and so is her vocabulary.
However, truthfully, we need some new words people. I am embarrassed every time I say "bananas", or "shut it down". Never mind the fact that my sweet husband does not like "I die" one single bit. He has made me stop saying it.
So let's use our brains here and come up with some of our own.
One just hit me as I was reviewing these insane boots (okay Rachel, shooties) on Jessie's blog.

"I'm sweating".
or, how about "Stop the presses"......
C'mon, you know you think this is fun.......

I heard that you were feeling ill, headache, fever and a chill.

Gotta love Ferris Bueller (and my brother for remin
ding me of that scene).
What I DON'T love, however is a cold.
I hardly EVER get sick. I am really big on prevention, a
nd maint
aining good health. I swear that the reason why I was under the weather this week was because I was out of my vitamins the last couple of months. (that, and the fact that I have be
en doing WAY too much-I am working on scaling back).
The good news is that with a few holistic remedies, I was able to knock this cold outta the park.
These are some items I swear by:
These are THE BEST vitamins on the planet. They are a whole food base (meaning your body doesn't just pee them out. AND you do NOT get nauseous from them). Pricey, but worth it. We buy then from a discounted site. Email me if you'd like the info! I have been taking them for years, and switched to the pre-natal formula as soon as I became preggers.

This was the first week I tried these after a recommendation at Whole Foods. They replaced my usual Echinacea/Goldenseal combo. I was told to take 2 a day for maintenance, and increase the dosage when feeling ill. I basically took 6-8 per day, for 3 days. On sale at WF this week!
This product needs no explaining!!

My mom gave us a bottle of this when she was here. I am told it is the best way of boosting your immune system. Even gave some to the Add-man.

Garlic is a great product for cold and flu season. You can take the capsules, and/or make a big pot of veggie soup with TONS of (non-odorless) garlic.

I also recommend the "cold care" tea from this fine establishment.

So, there you have it. I'm no Dr. Feelgood, or anything, but 'tis the season for nasty germs, and this is what worked for moi!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Counting is wonderful....

Today you are 10 months..I refuse to believe it.

1. I love that today you scarfed down your broccoli and avocado, yet gagged on your nectarines.
2. I love that you laugh at every single silly voice I make-funny or not.
3. I love that every single time your dad walks in the room, your face lights up.
4. I love that you love Led Zeppelin.
5. I love that you cannot stand Dora the Explorer.
6. I love that you are beyond chubby, and that your auntie amber named you mc griddle.
7. I love that you sleep through the night-but I can't wait until the morning to see you.
8. I love your curly hair.
9. I love that you cuddled in bed with me this morning for 3 1/2 minutes.
10. I love love love you my sweet boy.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Because I don't have enough going on.....

I have started a new adventure. I am now a business woman. I am dealing in whoopie. Okay, okay, all joking aside. I have a new "baby"-my whoopie pies!!!
I fell in love with baking many years ago-my mom is an AMAZING baker, so it's in my blood. To be honest, I didn't want anything to do with a kitchen utensil for years, but once I bit the bug, I was hooked.
This whoopie pie love affair came to fruition after many baking sessions, conversations, hours of research (and prayers), and, well, a leap of faith.
I debuted my goods during Kansas City's first Friday's, and they were a big hit!! I will be selling them every first Friday of the month at Hammerpress (one of my favorite places to be), and taking orders as well.
My insanely talented (and cute) husband created my website: (as well as my business cards, labels, display table, etc).

I am excited to delve into this part of my creativity, and hopefully I will still be able to fit into my jeans in a few months.

Good Grief

Mr. Valentino, will you marry me?