Monday, October 12, 2009

Counting is wonderful....

Today you are 10 months..I refuse to believe it.

1. I love that today you scarfed down your broccoli and avocado, yet gagged on your nectarines.
2. I love that you laugh at every single silly voice I make-funny or not.
3. I love that every single time your dad walks in the room, your face lights up.
4. I love that you love Led Zeppelin.
5. I love that you cannot stand Dora the Explorer.
6. I love that you are beyond chubby, and that your auntie amber named you mc griddle.
7. I love that you sleep through the night-but I can't wait until the morning to see you.
8. I love your curly hair.
9. I love that you cuddled in bed with me this morning for 3 1/2 minutes.
10. I love love love you my sweet boy.

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