Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Did somebody say Bumbo?

I have no words.

My wing man.

We took our first plane trip. Without dad. And without vodka. He was so stinking good on the plane-he earned his wings! We went to Chicago to see my family, and he was a Rock Star. He was the star of the show. He's a city boy at heart-he kept dropping subtle hints that he wants to live there. We had such a blast visiting our friends Beth, Bridgett and Rocco, and of course Auntie Em. Addison had his first Barney's experience, and was my date for a glass of wine with Uncle Toph and Micheal at the Sofitel. We had such an amazing time, but couldn't wait to get home and see daddy-who thought Addison was huge just after one week of not seeing him.
Must have been all of nanna's pasta.

Friday, March 6, 2009

one plus one equals two

For real? It's been two years? It seems that just yesterday we were having our first date in Saratoga Springs.
Wasn't it just moments ago that we were waving goodbye to my home in L.A. and my new one became a loft in KC?
I still get the butterflies when thinking of you asking if I will be your wife, teary-eyed when I recall the magical day I became your Mrs., and I swear I can still taste the Macarons in Paris.
And now we have Addison?? God is good, my sweet-you are daily proof of that.
I love you.
Happy number 2.