Thursday, July 30, 2009

Damn you NYC Prep...

I have a confession. One that not even my best reality show watching buddy knows. Sorry Mel, I couldn't utter the words.

I watch NYC Prep.

Yes, it's true. I, a 33 1/2 year old mother, watch this horror.
And I love it. To be quite honest, most of the shows I indulge in are because of the fashion. And let me tell you, NYCP delivers.
I am beyond obsessed with PC. Now, there is nothing P.C. about this child. One minute he is calling his best friend Jessie fat, and the next he'll be professing his devotion to her.
But this boy can dress. I mean, he is, by far, the best dressed male on television right now. Yes, yes, Brad will soon take the number one spot back on August 25th....but geesh, PC makes me proud.
The actual content on the show is garbage, and rarely makes me laugh. Not to mention that Sebastian kid makes my blood boil (though he does remind me of Steff a bit, who I was head over heels for. I do have to note the resemblance is hair only-Sebastian has zero cool factor).
Anyhoo-this confession has done nothing for me. I thought that maybe, possibly, getting this off my chest might make me feel comfortable with my new Tuesday night line up--it hasn't.
Yet my DVR remains set.


For those of you who don't know, I'm a make-up artist. I do a lot of wedding make-up, and I think this look is fantastic for a wedding. I hope to have my website up and running soon that will showcase my work. In the meantime, if you or anyone you know is in need of an artist, shoot me an email. I do travel!

Peta Would be Proud

Meet Bang! The latest addition to the family.
I am a major dog person, and have been patient with not having one. To be honest, after having Add, I'm not quite ready for a pup--too many messes to clean up. For now, my new friend will have to do.
If you're interested, Bang's relative's can be found here. And if gun's aren't your thing, don't worry~she has other options.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

On a serious note..

I was driving home last night after meeting some friends. I noticed a woman pulled over on the side of the road. I was concerned because she was alone, and in an area where there wouldn't be anyplace to walk to in the event that she needed help. As I got closer I soon saw that she didn't need any help at all. She was leaning against her window, smiling. She looked so content, so peaceful. I thought it was so strange. Why would she just sit there, smiling like that? Big weirdo.

But then I saw it. What she was looking at. What made her smile. It was the most beautiful sunset. Just gorgeous. So stunning that I, too, had to pull over.
It was the first time in so long that I took a moment like that. Just stopped and soaked in His creation. His beauty. I was grateful for that moment-for that woman.

And then I went home and watched Tori and Dean.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I would like to renew my vows please....

pic from this little gem

I'm It.

My good friend Mel tagged me in a game of blog fun.
The rules are to list 10 honest things about yourself.

1~ I was almost kidnapped during my parents garage sale when I was 1 ish.
2~ I despised my entire grade school experience.
3~ I used to be an insane club go-er and hung out with the most eccentric crowd of people ever-including Dennis Rodman. My poor parents.
4~I didn't eat meat for 13 years. Now I prefer it Medium rare.
5~I have a wicked crush on David Letterman.
6~Was highly considering moving to Paris before meeting my husband.
7~I know if it weren't for my relationship with God, I would be a train wreck.
8~I have learned that I thrive in chaos, but demand order. I know, I don't get it either.
9~I think my labor and delivery experience may have scarred me for life.
10~I struggle with wondering what doors God may open in the future all while trying to live for today.
and here's one more.....I miss my family everyday. Especially my brothers. We may not talk often, but I adore them and think they are 2 of the coolest, most genuine, intelligent guys I know.

Did I seriously just get through this without a speck of sarcasm??

Saturday, July 18, 2009

When life gives you lemons make....pee pee?

Let me tell you, there is NEVER a dull moment at casa Holmberg. We had a full weekend planned. You know, the usual..get Addison's milk from the farmer at 8 a.m., squeeze in a work out-make Add's formula for the day. Clean up some messes-work on the 3782638236 house projects that we have-meet some friend's for some yummy snow cone's-run a few errands-come back and continue with the house projects-make a fun dinner-drink some wine....blah blah blah.We were cut off during project #1, after J pulled a series of back muscles. I'm talking paramedics at your house within 45 minutes because he couldn't move. Scary stuff.
Loooooong story short, after the standard emergency room procedures were over, and they determined it was muscular, and not bone damage (thank God), all they needed was a urine sample.
Easy peasy.
Not so much---after several glasses of water, the man just couldn't deliver.
Maybe it was the "pressure to perform"-maybe it was all the pain meds he was doped up on. But it took 5 hours.
I am not kidding you. This is no joking matter. I, myself, peed 3 times during this waiting game, but my camel of a husband was a different story. I never knew that urinating could bring such joy. See the photo above for proof.
Thank God he is okay--seeing your husband on a stretcher in an ambulance isn't a walk in the park, let me tell you. He is beyond amazing--there is no one like him. There he is, lying in pain, telling me that HE is sorry, because he really wanted to go for snow cone's and spend time with me. HELLO?? But that's just how he is--selfless. I guess it is true when they say opposite's attract. Heck, if the roles were reversed, I would probably have made him go get me a snow cone and feed it to me.
All is well now, both dude's are passed out, and mamma has her glass o' wine.

On the road again....

my absolute favorite view of the city.

Too much happened. It was a jam- packed week. I will keep this brief, and to the point. I have lots of laundry to do, and snow cones to eat today. So here we go.
Our original plan for our drive to Chicago was to leave around Add's bedtime and pray he will sleep through the journey. Uh, not so much. Enter this little gem. Happened to be the last hotel on our route that was halfway decent for at least 2 hours, thank you Jesus.

Here is a recap of the week: fireworks from crazy neighbors who hired a horrible Lynard Skynard-esque band~sparklers and tanks and taco dip in our driveway~thrift store shopping~my mom's insane cooking which included bat sized zucchini from her garden~visit's with friend's~a great night out here~insane dessert which included pistachio panna cotta here~Our usual lunch spot every time we're in Chicago, because Jared is OBSESSED with their Mediterranean salad~
A full on when harry met Sally Shoegasm here~ Some shopping, sight-seeing and dinner with friend's at our usual spot.
It was a great trip~Addison's only bump in the road was, well, just that. He slept like a champ, even through the pyro-technincs. He was so happy to see his nanna, and papa Joe (formerly known as NoNo), and love loves loves Uncle's 'Twon and Toph.

He keeps asking if we will ever move there.....and so do I.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I got chills-they're multiplying.

Goodbye's are always so hard. It was a bright sun-shiny day when I heard you were coming back.
Oh, and Brad-I adore you. Maybe it's because you remind me so much of one of my most favorite people ev-ah.
Shut it down August 25th.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Motley Crue

IS it possible that Add already has a posse? I mean, I knew my boy was cool, but how is it that he already has cool friends? And they are all basically the same age!One of my biggest concerns after having my little stud was fitting into a "mommy group". It is tough finding girlfriends after a certain age after re-locating to a new city. Throw in "new mommy", and you're really limited. It isn't that there aren't other new mothers here, but I find that the friendships here have been built for years and years, and sometimes that's a hard circle to break into.The dear Lord has answered my prayers by sending Melanie and Beth my way. Beth was literally and angel-otherwise known as my "milk fairy". I won't go into great detail, but let's just say that she helped feed my little man, from a distance, when I was having some major issues, without even knowing us. Then we met face to face, and soon found out how many similarities we have between us. She is such a special gal, and I am soooo excited to watch our friendship grow, as well as our boy's who are just a few days apart!
Melanie is a gem! We met in the land of make-up while we were both preggers. Several months after giving birth, and "settling in" to mommy-hood, a great friend of mine "reunited" us, and I am forever grateful. Mel just gets it--wether it's talking about the trials of this journey we're on, or fashion and celebrity 411, I feel like I can chat with her about anything, and I haven't even known her that long!! Her little guy is such a doll, and has already displayed an impressive amount of patience with Addison's curiosity.
I am really looking forward to many many play dates......with and without the posse.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


image from here

Don't mind me. I just had to let out some steam. You see, I am not a Kansas City hater. Quite the opposite actually. It is definitely the most "real" place I have ever lived. Even one of my favorite magazines thinks it's great. All that being said, I miss miss miss the freedom to be able to dress the way that I want to. It drives me BONKERS. I think what frustrates me the most is that there are a TON of creative people that live here. Genuine artists, not those poser types that used to make up a large part of the population where I lived before here. Style and creativity isn't lost here.
What IS lost here, I feel, is where the heck you can go when you have put together a fantastic ensemble??!!! You can't just walk out your door and get lost in the city a' la Carrie Bradshaw. There are pockets of places in the city that are fun to go to....but you're done in an hour or so.

So, until Kansas City becomes the reality that for now is just in my dreams (I have hope!!).....I will just play dress up in my closet.