Saturday, July 18, 2009

When life gives you lemons make....pee pee?

Let me tell you, there is NEVER a dull moment at casa Holmberg. We had a full weekend planned. You know, the usual..get Addison's milk from the farmer at 8 a.m., squeeze in a work out-make Add's formula for the day. Clean up some messes-work on the 3782638236 house projects that we have-meet some friend's for some yummy snow cone's-run a few errands-come back and continue with the house projects-make a fun dinner-drink some wine....blah blah blah.We were cut off during project #1, after J pulled a series of back muscles. I'm talking paramedics at your house within 45 minutes because he couldn't move. Scary stuff.
Loooooong story short, after the standard emergency room procedures were over, and they determined it was muscular, and not bone damage (thank God), all they needed was a urine sample.
Easy peasy.
Not so much---after several glasses of water, the man just couldn't deliver.
Maybe it was the "pressure to perform"-maybe it was all the pain meds he was doped up on. But it took 5 hours.
I am not kidding you. This is no joking matter. I, myself, peed 3 times during this waiting game, but my camel of a husband was a different story. I never knew that urinating could bring such joy. See the photo above for proof.
Thank God he is okay--seeing your husband on a stretcher in an ambulance isn't a walk in the park, let me tell you. He is beyond amazing--there is no one like him. There he is, lying in pain, telling me that HE is sorry, because he really wanted to go for snow cone's and spend time with me. HELLO?? But that's just how he is--selfless. I guess it is true when they say opposite's attract. Heck, if the roles were reversed, I would probably have made him go get me a snow cone and feed it to me.
All is well now, both dude's are passed out, and mamma has her glass o' wine.

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