Thursday, July 2, 2009


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Don't mind me. I just had to let out some steam. You see, I am not a Kansas City hater. Quite the opposite actually. It is definitely the most "real" place I have ever lived. Even one of my favorite magazines thinks it's great. All that being said, I miss miss miss the freedom to be able to dress the way that I want to. It drives me BONKERS. I think what frustrates me the most is that there are a TON of creative people that live here. Genuine artists, not those poser types that used to make up a large part of the population where I lived before here. Style and creativity isn't lost here.
What IS lost here, I feel, is where the heck you can go when you have put together a fantastic ensemble??!!! You can't just walk out your door and get lost in the city a' la Carrie Bradshaw. There are pockets of places in the city that are fun to go to....but you're done in an hour or so.

So, until Kansas City becomes the reality that for now is just in my dreams (I have hope!!).....I will just play dress up in my closet.

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Team Choate said...

My Mom, who recently moved here as you know, is suffering from the same dilemma. I'm carrying guilt around wanting to make this city better for her, but nothing compares to the shopping in ATL, and of course Chicago and LA from your rockin' past. What do you think the answer is??? Maybe we need to start up a little extravaganza of our own! Is KC a boring place or just smaller??? I have yet to figure this all out, but know I love it too. Are we missing something by not living somewhere else? Ah, life's questions...