Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm It.

My good friend Mel tagged me in a game of blog fun.
The rules are to list 10 honest things about yourself.

1~ I was almost kidnapped during my parents garage sale when I was 1 ish.
2~ I despised my entire grade school experience.
3~ I used to be an insane club go-er and hung out with the most eccentric crowd of people ever-including Dennis Rodman. My poor parents.
4~I didn't eat meat for 13 years. Now I prefer it Medium rare.
5~I have a wicked crush on David Letterman.
6~Was highly considering moving to Paris before meeting my husband.
7~I know if it weren't for my relationship with God, I would be a train wreck.
8~I have learned that I thrive in chaos, but demand order. I know, I don't get it either.
9~I think my labor and delivery experience may have scarred me for life.
10~I struggle with wondering what doors God may open in the future all while trying to live for today.
and here's one more.....I miss my family everyday. Especially my brothers. We may not talk often, but I adore them and think they are 2 of the coolest, most genuine, intelligent guys I know.

Did I seriously just get through this without a speck of sarcasm??

1 comment:

Team Choate said...

#9 terrifies me, but it makes sense - I will never forget your face and body language several hours after the "big moment" (granted that big moment lasted almost 2 days!). You are such a strong woman and I'm glad you have such an incredible little guy to show for it!!!