Thursday, July 30, 2009

Damn you NYC Prep...

I have a confession. One that not even my best reality show watching buddy knows. Sorry Mel, I couldn't utter the words.

I watch NYC Prep.

Yes, it's true. I, a 33 1/2 year old mother, watch this horror.
And I love it. To be quite honest, most of the shows I indulge in are because of the fashion. And let me tell you, NYCP delivers.
I am beyond obsessed with PC. Now, there is nothing P.C. about this child. One minute he is calling his best friend Jessie fat, and the next he'll be professing his devotion to her.
But this boy can dress. I mean, he is, by far, the best dressed male on television right now. Yes, yes, Brad will soon take the number one spot back on August 25th....but geesh, PC makes me proud.
The actual content on the show is garbage, and rarely makes me laugh. Not to mention that Sebastian kid makes my blood boil (though he does remind me of Steff a bit, who I was head over heels for. I do have to note the resemblance is hair only-Sebastian has zero cool factor).
Anyhoo-this confession has done nothing for me. I thought that maybe, possibly, getting this off my chest might make me feel comfortable with my new Tuesday night line up--it hasn't.
Yet my DVR remains set.

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