Saturday, July 18, 2009

On the road again....

my absolute favorite view of the city.

Too much happened. It was a jam- packed week. I will keep this brief, and to the point. I have lots of laundry to do, and snow cones to eat today. So here we go.
Our original plan for our drive to Chicago was to leave around Add's bedtime and pray he will sleep through the journey. Uh, not so much. Enter this little gem. Happened to be the last hotel on our route that was halfway decent for at least 2 hours, thank you Jesus.

Here is a recap of the week: fireworks from crazy neighbors who hired a horrible Lynard Skynard-esque band~sparklers and tanks and taco dip in our driveway~thrift store shopping~my mom's insane cooking which included bat sized zucchini from her garden~visit's with friend's~a great night out here~insane dessert which included pistachio panna cotta here~Our usual lunch spot every time we're in Chicago, because Jared is OBSESSED with their Mediterranean salad~
A full on when harry met Sally Shoegasm here~ Some shopping, sight-seeing and dinner with friend's at our usual spot.
It was a great trip~Addison's only bump in the road was, well, just that. He slept like a champ, even through the pyro-technincs. He was so happy to see his nanna, and papa Joe (formerly known as NoNo), and love loves loves Uncle's 'Twon and Toph.

He keeps asking if we will ever move there.....and so do I.

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Style Scout said...

ok, you and my friend Amy are so much alike it kills me...she was the one who introduced me to the Dublin's salads. they are the BEST!!!!

and, no, you can't move to Chicago. I would die...die I tell you...I can't lose my new mom friend!!!!