Monday, August 31, 2009

Bob would be proud

Our house is under construction--I mean, out of control under construction. My mother in law is painting our bathroom as I type. Jared is on our porch painting our buffet, sanding tables and chairs (I mean multiple tables and chairs). We are finishing painting the dining room, hanging photos, mirrors, light is insane. All while taking care of an 8 month old.
Is it too early for happy hour?

We don't have an H&M here.

All of these looks from H&M are right up my alley (minus the leopard beret--love leopard, love beret's-but this is just not cute, in my opinion).

I am not going to complain anymore that KC doesn't have an H& really flipping sucks, but I am just not going to be a Debbie Downer that we don't have an H&M here. I will just have to continue shopping there when I visit family and friends in Chicago instead of KC because we don't have an H&M here.

Friday, August 28, 2009

I love me some Kate....

Brow envy

Forget Ms. Shield's. I think the best brows on the planet belong to Hilary Rhoda. If I saw her walking down the street I just might have to rip them off of her. Okay, that's creepy.
Seriously-WHY WHY WHY did I ever pluck mine?? I had Rhoda-esque brows in high school, but that was when Pamela Anderson's anorexic brows were in. So off mine went for many years.
I was blessed that most of them have grown back in, but I am not satisfied.
After tons of research, the general consensus is that Castor oil does the trick. Topically people-topically. So I am on day 3, and will give monthly updates.
This is earth shattering news people. Brows and castor oil. Good grief.
Tell me it's okay to blog about this stuff....sometimes I feel so vain!!

I just can't get you outta my head

the runner up

the barney's boot

So back in July, I walked upon on holy ground--the shoe department at the new Barney's in Chicago.
Before I tell you about my bootgasm let me get out my thoughts on this new location.
I had the privilege of working at Barney's when I was working for NARS in Chicago. That store was special. The vibe was incredible-infectious even. The staff was amazing. Compared to Beverly Hills, and the New York store, it was very intimate. I loved every second of it. I even loved my devoted crazy side wearing ponytail customer who was in her 70's that bought every outfit I had on. I'm not kidding. But that's another story.......
The new store is gorgeous-there is no denying that. Gallery-esque. Very chic. My tongue was wagging every 2 seconds. The cosmetic area is insane-- however, why they chose to follow NY's footsteps and put it on the lower level is beyond my comprehension--uh, hello?? window's would be nice when putting together a face!
Anyhoo--on to visit my friend, Micheal in shoe heaven. I was on my way to kissing him hello, when-gasp! Lanvin on the sale rack?? Marni wedges in my size???!!!
And then, there they were in all of their glory-those boots. I immediately flung my sandals off, and slipped those beauties on like I was Cinderella. And yes, they were my size. "I could wear these with everything"!! I became numb, and wanted to send Jared to the restroom so I could open a Barney's charge right then and there. But when we said our "I do's", he made me say the whole "through thick and through thin and we will only pay cash" vow.
I have been dreaming about them since. To be honest, they aren't freakishly expensive (when comparing to Loubouton, not Mossimo), but I have soooo many things on my fall want list! I stumbled across the Madden knock offs, and they are pretty darn close (sorry for the crappy photo), but just not the same.
What's sad is that I already blogged about another pair of boots I am obsessing over.
Stay tuned my friends---it's only just begun. And it's AUGUST.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree....

And I'm glad.

Mom: I bought Add some new polo orange jeans today.
Me: To wear with the orange coat you just got him?
Mom: He doesn't have to wear them at the same time.
Me: You're out of control with the shopping.
Mom: But it's such a great sale
Me: I'm making a salad with goat cheese-your fave.
Mom: Gross
Me: Delicious.
Mom: I was at whole foods the other day. They had goat cheese samples and I took one because I was starving. It was so gross. I went back for another though.
Me: That's how I am at Costco. The poor demonstrator can't even finish her schpeel and I'm shoving something that I normally wouldn't even look at down the hatch.
Mom: I know, I always feel bad so I put whatever they're selling in my cart, and then I go put it back in the isle somewhere.
Me: You're horrible--wait-did you hear Micheal Jackson's death is being ruled as a homicide?
Mom: Yeah, and his doctor is an idiot.
Mom: our neighbor got busted for selling drugs...
Me: now it makes sense as to why he drives that Hummer.

my little swinger

My Sugar Mamma

"Think of this as my 'I should have known you my whole life' present." That's what my bff Amber said as she forked it over. Or something like that. I was so distracted by the box in front of me, that all words sounded like Charlie Brown adult talk.
I didn't even need to open it. The box was enough. Screw those Tiffany blue boxes. Even an empty Jonathan Adler box makes my heart skip a beat.
But there it was-in all it's glory. I almost needed to take a downer to take it all it.
I love you Auntie Ambee--'til death do us part.

Monday, August 24, 2009

School of Rock

So the boy had his first day of music school today. This amazing teacher has been known to teach babies how to play the drums in a few months. Okay, I'm kidding-pipe dream.
It's an adorable class filled with little one's, that focuses on socializing, learning songs, etc.
He did great on his first day, and was flirting with a little gal named Waverly within minutes.
Already getting the rock star image down.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Coming to a theatre near you...

is it just me, or does Leo look a bit Pacino-esque here?

I was introduced to this legend several years ago by, an almost ex boyfriend. Does that make sense? Let me clarify. This guy and I were on the outs and he comes over and pop's " the essential" in my stereo.
I hated it. Despised. I thought it was so forced, and dumb, and lame, and too much. So the boyfriend and I part ways, and months later, I find that he had left that CD at my apartment.
I played it for kicks, and well, haven't stopped.
Looking back it's obvious that I was just in a negative place with Mr.Wrong, and took all my frustrations out on poor Leonard. He truly is an artist. No, he isn't for everyone. But I adore him.

Needless to say, I almost peed myself when I heard sir Cohen was coming to Kansas City. AND during my birthday week! Tickets are pretty pricey, but I know this will be my last chance to see him,and will regret it if I don't.
Maybe if I gave up on the new purse and boots that I want for my birthday, I can justify some amazing seats.
But then what will I wear?

Innie Minnie Miney...MINE!!!

These boots are on my must have list.
It was love at first google search.
The question.......which color?
The black seems very Sienna Miller/Rock-n-Roll, which is totally up my alley.
The Brown is very Nicole Richie/bohemian, which is totally up my alley.

I think I'm leaning towards the brown---no the

I will be losing sleep over this, so comment away, my lovelies.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


We'll always have Paris.

Pretty in Pink

Isn't she?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's show time at the Apollo

Seriously-how are you the funniest person on earth? I know I'm your mother-biased and all that stuff. But really-I see the way you make other's belly laugh. Laugh so hard it hurts. How you make raspberries as a way of communicating. How you'll let out a little shout to answer a question that I've asked. How you raised your eyebrows the other day when I dropped your lunch all over the floor.
I look forward to all the ways you will crack me up.
Laughter is important. But not while you're drinking: "I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose"-Woody Allen.

Just wait until your dad and I introduce you to arrested development.

The cool kid

So my good friend Amber dyed her friend's eyebrows super light blonde. It looks AH-mazing. Made me think of one of my all time fave model's Ms. McMenamy.
I loved how the fashion world just ate her up even though her beauty is completely unconventional. Every photo she takes is flawless, and completely different from how we've seen her before. She seems to be making a comeback--a small article in Bazaar, and a Lanvin (another fave) campaign.
Maybe she's feeling the recession as well.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

There's a party in my tummy, so yummy, so yummy.

Sorry about the yo gabba gabba talk. It's Add's fault.
But there is a party in my tummy, and it's because of this.
Make it, people.

Friday, August 14, 2009

I got my mind on my money and my money on my........

jonathan adler

I have been lusting after this little guy for well over a year now. With a new munchkin, I just can't justify the 135 bones. I even discussed it at dinner with friends tonight, and now I want it even more.
I wonder how many times a day I say "want"? Gross.

But I still want it.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's somebody's Birthday Today.....

Actually, many people were probably born today. Dan Fogelberg for instance. Fidel Castro-ouch! Annie Oakley, Don Ho, even Alfred Hitchcock!
And then there's my favorite: Emily! It's Emily's birthday today, and that makes me happy!

Girl, I wish I could be there to celebrate with you. Have an amazing day. You deserve it. You deserve the world.
I adore you, and cannot WAIT for your visit.
I love you.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Style for miles..

My good friend, and fellow blogger Mel posted today about her love for J. Crew since miss Jenna Lyon's turned things around. I couldn't agree more. She has really put the cherry on top on their everyday basics.
It made me think of the November issue of Domino (R.I.P), when her insane home was featured.
I went back to check out the issue, and saw that her bathroom color, is pretty much spot on to what ours will soon become.
Now if only I could have that original crown moulding in my living room.