Friday, August 21, 2009

Coming to a theatre near you...

is it just me, or does Leo look a bit Pacino-esque here?

I was introduced to this legend several years ago by, an almost ex boyfriend. Does that make sense? Let me clarify. This guy and I were on the outs and he comes over and pop's " the essential" in my stereo.
I hated it. Despised. I thought it was so forced, and dumb, and lame, and too much. So the boyfriend and I part ways, and months later, I find that he had left that CD at my apartment.
I played it for kicks, and well, haven't stopped.
Looking back it's obvious that I was just in a negative place with Mr.Wrong, and took all my frustrations out on poor Leonard. He truly is an artist. No, he isn't for everyone. But I adore him.

Needless to say, I almost peed myself when I heard sir Cohen was coming to Kansas City. AND during my birthday week! Tickets are pretty pricey, but I know this will be my last chance to see him,and will regret it if I don't.
Maybe if I gave up on the new purse and boots that I want for my birthday, I can justify some amazing seats.
But then what will I wear?

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Jessie said...

Oooooh, you should DEFinitely go. That means he will be here during MY birthday week, too. ;)


1.) I am not as big of a fan as you are.


Therefore, yours truly will not be in attendance.