Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Sugar Mamma

"Think of this as my 'I should have known you my whole life' present." That's what my bff Amber said as she forked it over. Or something like that. I was so distracted by the box in front of me, that all words sounded like Charlie Brown adult talk.
I didn't even need to open it. The box was enough. Screw those Tiffany blue boxes. Even an empty Jonathan Adler box makes my heart skip a beat.
But there it was-in all it's glory. I almost needed to take a downer to take it all it.
I love you Auntie Ambee--'til death do us part.


Jessie said...


Holy CRAP! I just passed out at my desk. What a SWEEET friend. :)

GiGi said...

my thoughts exactly. she really is a gem.

speaking of sweet friends-i had such a great time with you monday...could've talked until the misters ran dry......good grief.

hannah said...

wow. just totally wow.