Monday, August 31, 2009

Bob would be proud

Our house is under construction--I mean, out of control under construction. My mother in law is painting our bathroom as I type. Jared is on our porch painting our buffet, sanding tables and chairs (I mean multiple tables and chairs). We are finishing painting the dining room, hanging photos, mirrors, light is insane. All while taking care of an 8 month old.
Is it too early for happy hour?


Angie said...

G- it is never to early for happy hour!! I wrote about drinking today too. :)

PS - wanted to give you some validation, like you were asking for the other day, that all that you write about is right on. I don't get your love for the short boots YET b/c I've never felt them or wore them, etc. But, I do have my own dirty lust for IKEA and all things in, I get hot and bothered over kids clothes and make up and embellished sandals and purses and on sale office supplies! love you! hope to hug you someday again!

Team Choate said...

a) Never too early for happy hour
b) Can I hire you all to do my new office next???

Lotsa love to you and let me know if we can help you out with Addison!

GiGi said...

oh my gals-ang, i sure do miss you. i would pay top dollar for a hug from you. and those babies of yours.

meg-consider me your carter ossterhouse for the office. minus the hairy chest and blinding white teeth. (okay and a few other things as well).

i'll drop addison off at 6 a.m. tomorrow. it'll be good practice for you.

Cathi said...

"It's noon somewhere" - never too early for a cocktail! :)