Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The cool kid

So my good friend Amber dyed her friend's eyebrows super light blonde. It looks AH-mazing. Made me think of one of my all time fave model's Ms. McMenamy.
I loved how the fashion world just ate her up even though her beauty is completely unconventional. Every photo she takes is flawless, and completely different from how we've seen her before. She seems to be making a comeback--a small article in Bazaar, and a Lanvin (another fave) campaign.
Maybe she's feeling the recession as well.

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Jessie said...

I saw the article in Bazaar and was intrigued...

You KNOW I've wanted to dye my eyebrows ever since I knew I had 'em. Don't tempt me, or I might try it in a fit of plucking rage!