Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thou shall not covet

It isn't here yet, but in the land of fashion it certainly is.
I love fall.
But fall makes me "wanty".
Maybe it's the 20 pounds of glossies that came in the mail today.
Bless you, dear postman.


Style Scout said...

ooooh, love the Alexander Wang bag!!! and you know how I love the Olsen's :)

Jessie said...

I gasped when I saw that AW bag on Olsens Anonymous. I DIE!

I loved reading your story about being a make-up artist, too, btw. LOVE!

Team Choate said...

Amen sister - took me two hours just to get through Nordys and West Elm. Could I please score some jewel tones, gray metallic handbags, a fabulous new haircut and anything non-maternity? Like some freaking heels????