Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Love you, Love your show.

Oh, Tori welcome back. You weren't ever my favorite on 90210. Never really stalked you in magazines, or on the web. But as fate had it, I fell in love. I was preggers and just getting acquainted with television again after an almost 5 year hiatus (impressive hunh? trust me, I've made up for it big time-it's embarrassing). Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood is a gem! Not one to condone adultery ever, but love The Dean! Even my husband became a fan of this show, and that, Ms. Tori, says a ton.
So here's to you, Donna Martin, and to Tuesday nights and Oxygen.

Mamma Cita

That's my mamma-she followed the yellow brick road to kansas city for 2 whole weeks while leaving 3 starving men behind (thanks, dad!).
I played tour guide as we hit all of the fun spots (and yes, it took up more than one day-who knew??).
She was on cloud 9 spending lots of QT with the little one, and Jared and I enjoyed giving our arm muscles a break. However in true Nanna Donna fashion, it wasn't all fun and no work--she was busy making us our drapes for our living/dining room, and again, in true Nanna Donna fashion, she went all out! They are amazing!!!!! I will post pictures sometime soon.
It was fabulous having her here, and was a teary goodbye. I pray that soon we can share the same zipcode again.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Step aside Ms. Liebovitz

My Girl, Jen is incredible in soooo many ways. She has the sweetest heart, is so giving, so driven, so determined, so lovable, and has the cutest lil' accent I ever did hear!
It goes without saying that she is a phenomenal photographer. Her style is exactly what I love. She has such an eye, and I believe it is an extension of her heart. She captures what is important, and makes it so pretty at the same time.
I adore you Jen-thank you so much for today, and thank you for being my friend.