Saturday, May 16, 2009

Step aside Ms. Liebovitz

My Girl, Jen is incredible in soooo many ways. She has the sweetest heart, is so giving, so driven, so determined, so lovable, and has the cutest lil' accent I ever did hear!
It goes without saying that she is a phenomenal photographer. Her style is exactly what I love. She has such an eye, and I believe it is an extension of her heart. She captures what is important, and makes it so pretty at the same time.
I adore you Jen-thank you so much for today, and thank you for being my friend.


Melanie said...

yay, a fellow blogger!!!! I love that photo of your family, is your friend Jen a photographer here in Kc? would love her info if so...hope you are having fun with your mom!

GiGi said...

yes, she's here, and she's fabulous!
You can view her work by clicking on the link in my post-I will give you her # when we get together!!