Monday, February 28, 2011

A few words...

Haven't even watched the Oscars yet--but I LIVE for Jessica Biel's dress. Don't ask me why this chick is even AT the Oscars...has she done ANYTHING sice 7th heaven (besides Justin Timberlake)? Regardless, her dress is superb.

I am also bitter as all get out because I don't own Ms. Zoe's dress. Out. Of. Control.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Super giant heart.

I LOVE me some Ally Hilfiger (proof here), and I LOVE this get up she has on.

Don't tempt me to re-create it, and wear it to story time.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What the??!!

Talbot's has never been my cup o' tea, however, I did a double take the other day while running after my little guy in the mall. I saw the "tear drop" necklace (last image) on a mannequin, and stopped dead in my tracks. I even caught myself saying out loud, "Talbot's??".

While I don't think I will be paying the 100 plus dollars on these pieces, you can bet that I'll be stalking their sales.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Simply the best.

Six months. How did this happen?!

Last night, after you went to bed, I had a bit of a crying session. I want to freeze time. As much as I have so much excitement to see who you are, who you will become, you are my baby!! The last 6 months have been incredible. You are an amazing little girl--so patient, so sweet, so cuddly.

I love every single thing about you--your stunning red hair, your tiny little feet, the way you eat my chin, and every stinking delicious roll on your body!

Happy half birthday sweet girl. I love, love, love you.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Maybe, maybe not....

I have a gigantic place in my heart for all things Kelly Wearstler...I'm just not too sure about her new ready to wear collection. While some pieces stand out more than others, the pictures above remind me a bit of Vera Wang for Kohls. I would love to see the collection in person....anything to get to Bergdorf's.


These pictures make me weak in the knees. Super inspiring....makes me want to go and play in my closet for hours.

I recently had the ever repetitious conversation with my friend Jessie, about how challenging it is living where we do in regards to fashion. We were talking about how we both LOVE fashion, and in bigger cities, you can literally walk out your front door wearing whatever you want, and nobody bats an eye. Here, it's different. While there are many authentic creative people in Kansas City, sometimes walking out your front door in whatever you want to wear, produces unwanted attention, and sometimes, odd looks. I know it can be way worse in other places, so I am grateful that there is some open mindedness here, I just wish that I could dress with abandonment!

Thank God for Vacations.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's such a perfect day, I'm glad I spent it with you.

These aren't just the words to my favorite Lou Reed song, but the words to describe today.
We are having amazing weather today, so the little man and I took advantage and went on a date. Grandma stayed at home with his little sister, so it was just the 2 of us. Just like old times.

I'm not much of a Tiffany's kind of gal, but he insisted on buying me something.

Up close and personal.

This shot was taken before he flipped out when I told him mommy had to "go pee pee on the potty", and that we'll come back to the fountain.

He found his own little spot at the coffee joint.

Snacks make everyone happy.

I heart him big time.

Nature lover.

His happy dance.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's growing on me.

These two love bugs are responsible for my husband and I crossing over into Hallmark Holiday territory.

These valentine's were like cupid's arrow through the heart....

That arrow resulted in making cookies.....

and pretty flowers.....

an INSANE dessert made by my husband (smitten kitchen's blood orange cake accompanied by Goat Cheese and Honey Ice cream....RIDICULOUS!!)

We also busted open a special bottle of wine that was aging in our cellar (a.k.a....sitting in our basement).

For dinner we made Donna Hay's Pasta with walnuts and blue cheese, and the mister made steaks.

Cupid's arrow is kind of amazing.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hooray for Donna Hay.

I am usually blogging about recipe's from Smitten Kitchen, or my home girl, The Barefoot Contessa. I also have a mad love affair with Donna Hay's recipes. Her cook books are gorgeous, and her recipes are always outstanding. She's been dubbed the Australian Martha Stewart, minus the jail time of course.

We had friends over for dinner last night. One of our guests is vegetarian and gluten free. My mom is gluten free, so I'm used to that kind of cooking, however my mom doesn't like sweets, so I wasn't too savvy on gluten free desserts.

Enter Donna Hay's chocolate coconut tarts. The bomb. I flipping loved these. Out of control. Super easy-5 ingredients. The original recipe calls for dessicated coconut, which I used, but the link I provided is a recipe that just subbed finely ground toasted coconut, which works as well. The ganache filling is perfect. The recipe calls for them to be put in the freezer to set, but they should sit out for a bit before serving, otherwise you'll be in hockey puck territory.

I served these with Chai Tea ice cream from this genius. He's a local "chocolate master" who began making his own ice cream about a year or so ago. When his ice cream shop first opened, I wasn't all that impressed, but when I took my friend there who was visiting, I fell in LOVE! He really perfected his flavors, and textures big time. Last week, we made our favorite sea salt brownies (that I've blogged about a bazillion times), and served them with his French Lavender Ice Cream. Ridiculous.

Sorry about the ice cream tangent......the tarts don't even need ice cream.

But I do. Always.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Come and knock on my door...part 2

This is our family room. It is probably the most used room in the house besides the kitchen.
Our fireplace was that nasty orange-y brick, and we painted it white.....This room came together pretty quickly, and I'm super happy with the way it turned out.....

This secretary was purchased at an antique store...we were originally going to paint it glossy grey, but decided to leave it as ties in the wood ceiling beams in nicely, I think.
We tacked on the hot pink oil cloth to give it some pizazz.

The elephant and birds were found in thrift stores. The uppers jar is Jonathan Adler, given to me by my sweet friend Amber. The stick was something my son found while we were on a walk, and I just left it there!
Wallpaper by Graham and Brown. The branch was in our back yard, and we painted it white.
The giant television is obnoxious.

Couch and chair is Z Gallerie. Rug is from Target.

Found the chair in a neighbor's garbage...painted it hot pink. I love that it is missing an arm. Pillow from Sa-Sea on Etsy. Lamp is Pier One.

This deer head was made by a Chicago Artist. Found on Etsy.

Our coffee table is one of my faves. Got it on Craigslist...Painted it glossy black. There are 3 pieces of marble on the top. Weighs a TON.

The trunk came from an Estate Sale when I was living in LA...Thrift store animals. Lamp from Urban Outfiters.

Z Gallerie table. The "punk" vase was a gift from my brothers about 10 years ago. I broke it once and about had a FIT. Thank God for hot glue.

Vintage pendant light from an Estate Sale.

Hopefully those floors will get done sooooon. They're going to be super dark. Cannot wait. I don't care if I have to sweep them 10 times a day. I'll make my toddler do it.