Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pass the Xanax.

Do you remember the scene in When Harry Met Sally where she is freaking out because she was going to be forty....someday?

I had one of those moments.

This wasn't about turning forty, however. That, I can handle (I say that now...).

This was about my son going to school. While we are a ways off on that happening, I know that it will be here...someday.

I am so used to having him with me all of the time. While there are days where I would like to send him to boarding school, I seriously cannot imagine him being gone all day.

What if someone is mean to him? What if he's mean to someone else? What if he's scared? What if his teacher sucks? What if he loves it so much, that when I go to pick him up he doesn't want to come home?

Maybe I'll apply to be a janitor at his school.


Jill said...

I hear you!! When it comes to my kids, I turn into a big ol mean mama bear. No one messes with me!! The one thing I have learned with my kids being in school, is to stay very involved at their school. I do lunch duty, parent reader, go on field trip etc that way I kind of know what is always going on!!

Natalie said...

I feel the same way. I am not going to lie I will look forward to the time alone to actually be productive but it will feel so weird not to have him with me. We do everything together! I am anxiously awaiting my BFF charm.... Ate the leftover tarts tonight, pure heaven.

Megs (Happiness in the Making) said...

I feel for ya girl! Reading this brought back a mini panic attack that I had (ok, and still get) every time I leave for a business trip. If you ever want some tips, I'm happy to share and know you always have a friend to lean on, call at 3 a.m. and send black roses to evil parents, teachers or other kiddos...