Saturday, February 19, 2011


These pictures make me weak in the knees. Super inspiring....makes me want to go and play in my closet for hours.

I recently had the ever repetitious conversation with my friend Jessie, about how challenging it is living where we do in regards to fashion. We were talking about how we both LOVE fashion, and in bigger cities, you can literally walk out your front door wearing whatever you want, and nobody bats an eye. Here, it's different. While there are many authentic creative people in Kansas City, sometimes walking out your front door in whatever you want to wear, produces unwanted attention, and sometimes, odd looks. I know it can be way worse in other places, so I am grateful that there is some open mindedness here, I just wish that I could dress with abandonment!

Thank God for Vacations.


Jill said...

I couldn't agree more, it is the same thing here in STL.

Perfect example, there is this mom at my kid's school who has such a great sense of style and a fabulous closet but you should here the comments made about her at pick up... "where does she think she is.." "where does she think she is going" is it so sad when the moment you take off your yoga pants and sweatshirt the comments go a flying. When someone says something to me about that mom, I just say "really, I think she looks fabulous, and who cares if she is just going to the grocery store!"

Paula said...

Ugh, I wish more moms would shed their gym attire when out and about! That said, pjs should never leave the house either. You should dress as you please and enjoy yourself.

jessie said...

sooo much inspiration looking at those pages... after being in NY, i feel even more encouraged to wear whatever the heck i want. i still get the stares, but i hope that with time, the dumb comments/stares will sting less and less.