Monday, November 30, 2009

Gonna dress you up in my love.....

This is as far as I'm gonna go.
A chain headband isn't all that bad, right?
I promise to not do to you what I did to your uncle's.
I'll let them tell you the stories, but it involved lots of lace, jelly bracelets and fake moles on their faces.


Just in case you were going to swing by Jonathan Adler's, puh-lease pick me up this druggist collection.
The entire thing.
And give him a kiss for me.


Generally, I don't like things to look too matchy-matchy. There is usually something thrown into whatever I put on for the day that is a little, well, off. Makes things more interesting.
This get up was a lot "softer" than I normally dress. I liked the look, but it made me feel a bit "stay at home mom-ish". That's where the boots came in.
Oh, and guess where I went?
Hobby Lobby.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mrs. Miramax

This spread is almost a year old, however this photography remains fresh in my brain.
Peter Lindbergh is a flipping rock star, and the styling/vision of this shoot is off the charts.

Makes me want to let wild animals loose in my house, and paint everything I own dark.

Oh this old thing?

Since having my little dude, running errands has become an all out event. It takes hours to get out of the house, yet I make us do it most days, just for a change of scenery.
I try to make an effort on most days. I am not the Jennifer Garner type that can run out with wet hair, baggy jeans, and running shoes. Grief.
An outfit that I wouldn't die of embarrassment if I ran into someone I know, a bit of make-up, and 5 minutes on the hair sums up the effort.
One thing I really miss is carrying a purse--it looks like I'm going out of town if I carry one plus his diaper bag. Earrings are also a rare occasion, as Addison thinks they're his to pull.
Some days I wish I had more places to go to wear the clothes that make up 75 % of my closet. Those are the impractical pieces. The, "before I moved to KC, got married and had a baby", pieces.
My friend Amber said that if times ever got rough I could sell my clothes and live off the profits.
My friend Amber lost her marbles for a second.

And yes, I look a little Sherlock Holmes with the coat on. Speaking of coats, I have quite the collection of vintage coats. I have hemmed most of them given the fact that I was not blessed with Naomi Campbell Gams. There are a few that I kept long (like this one), however I am thinking of hacking it off to the knee. Thoughts?

Friday, November 27, 2009

A letter to my son...

I would like to take a moment and offer a heart felt apology.
You see, it is not my fault, this shoe obsession.
It is in our genes.
Your great grandpa Ciaccio started it. He had it bad. Real bad. He was mad for shoes.
He passed this down to me-instilled it in me at a very young age. Your nanna tells of stories where my grandparents would take me for the day, and I would come home with a whole new shoe wardrobe. (sounds like Heaven doesn't it?).
I remember the day when I got ready for school in a hurry. I had to scramble everything together, and run to catch the bus. I stood at the bus stop, and looked down at my feet. I HAD TWO DIFFERENT SHOES ON!!!!!!! The horror!!!
I immediately started sobbing and ran home to change! There was no way on earth I could make an appearance like that! Your great grandpa would have been so proud!
So, in the event that you think I am nuts for buying every single pair of shoes I see for you, remember: shoes are practical! They are a necessity!
There are even signs all over fine establishments that read, no shirt, NO SHOES, no service!!!!


Um, Hi there Kiehl's Acai Moisturizer.
Allow me to correct myself...DAMAGE control moisturizer.
You came to me via a sample package from some dear friends.
I NEV-AH stray from the LaMer.It's a known fact.
I had a nice wine buzz going, and was feeling a bit risky (notice I didn't say risque'), and thought I was ready to cheat.
It was love at first dollop on my face! I don't know what you do, ultimate super anti-oxidant berry, and I don't care. What I do know, is that little fine line around my mouth that drives me to drink was g-o-n-e GONE!!
You sort of feel like a film over my face, and I could have bet money that you were clogging my pores. I was wrong. You are good to me little friend. And you are only 44 smackers! 44 smackers!!
Take that $220 Creme de La I love you no matter what and will still continue our steamy affair.

Good grief Gwynnie

Aren't you a sight for sore eyes??

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Merci Beaucoup

There are so many things I am Thankful for...
.God's grace and forgiveness
.My mom and dad
.Fantastic brothers
.Kick-ass friends
.The roof over my head
.The most amazing family a gal could marry into
.My health
.My coat collection
.Oatmeal with blueberries in the morning
.Red wine
.No more water in the basement
.Christopher Elbow chocolate
.My Treadmill
The list goes on and on......

But you two, I don't know if there are enough ways to show just how thankful I am for you two.
I pray that I can display that thankfulness daily.

Judas Priest

I just wasted four minutes and twenty seven seconds watching this moron's "performance" at the AMA's.
And to think I would have picked up the phone and voted for him months ago.
NOTHING about that song was appealing, but rather appalling.
The ridiculously thought out performance made me yawn-not to mention laugh in moments.
Yeah, the boy can sing, but apparently he doesn't have a voice.

Obsession of the moment....

So, as some of you are aware, the mister and I (with the help of his amazing mother) have been quite busy transforming our home.
The next room to tackle is our bedroom.
The room I wanted to tackle first.
Jared and I made a pact that we wouldn't start that monster of a project until the new year.
Since yours truly is a major planner (and obsesser), AND with the new year being right around the corner.....I have been consumed.
The only things in the bedroom that are staying would be our bed (a king size chocolate brown leather bed), a gigantic mirror, and this really cool double decker white table that will go at the foot of the bed.
So far this is my inspiration board:
West Elm Curtains (medallion will be in espresso)
Espresso Wallpaper

Avocado Bedding
White Bedside Lamps

The wallpaper will only be on the wall that the bed is on....any ideas for a wall color?

I love me some......

That Maroon and Orange Vuitton is pretty much outta control.
I would like to her to have the other half of one of those bff necklace's with me.
And her closet.
And to meet Vincent Gallo.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Come back to us.....

We didn't sign up for this 2 week vacation nonsense when we became your bff's.
This is stupid.
Jared hasn't stopped twitching for weeks.
All day long I keep thinking I'm forgetting something, and then I realize it's you two.
It's as if one of my limbs has been severed.
Get the point?
Come home dummies.

I sure have missed you....

The little dude and I went to Chicago to surprise his NoNo for his birthday. I put Addison on the front porch with a balloon, rang the doorbell, and hid in the bushes.
Little did I know I rang the wrong doorbell (as my brother informs me by whispering through a window), and had to run back on the porch, and ring the correct one.
My dad comes to the door ,and just stares at the baby, and says to my brother, "someone left a baby on the porch". Then he opens the door and tries to look closer at the baby....that's when I popped out, and he now realized that it wasn't his, or his son's for that matter.
What wasn't hysterical was how it basically took until the end of our visit for Addison to get used to his new surroundings, and sleep. He was a mess. I was a mess. But there were some good times in between. Like seeing him make out with my parents glass doors that over look the back yard. There he would stand, licking the glass, over and over while watching the birds.
Girls night out was fun. Delicious meal at The Publican, great thrifting, delicious home cooked meals from my mamma, a fun night at home with my girl Em where we cooked a ridiculous meal that I am still thinking about,hanging out and watching SNL with my brotha's......

The hardest part of the trip was being away from the Mister. Add and I couldn't get off that plane fast enough to see him. It was so good to see him, and be home. To top it all off, I open the car door, and there sat a bottle of wine...he knows me oh too well.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Back to my roots...

This dress is very rock-n-roll, yes.
However there's something very Ganto's/Contempo Casuals about it that makes me very nostalgic......I would have killed to wear something like this in my high school days.

And then my Italian father would have killed me.

I'm on my way...I'm on my waaaa-ay.......

I'll be gone for a little while from bloggy land.
As Rachel Ray says, "I'll see 'ya when I see 'ya"

And you thought I was going to say Yum-o.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Red Lizard

Wore this little get up last night for my dinner club.
Yes friends, I am in a dinner club.
You should be too.

Friday, November 13, 2009

I have the sweats......

I have been avoiding doing this for quite some time now. I love getting dressed, but hate attention. After a long conversation with a good friend, I decided that these outfit posts are something that I should give a go.
I eventually would love to do more styling work than I am doing in KC, and I think this would be a fun way to showcase my obsession with putting things together.
The first outfit isn't anything grand by any means, but I like the simplicity of it.
I am not trying to be Herb Ritts (r.i.p.) with the photography, and as far as how many of these I will do, I'm not quite sure......

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I love me some......

Olive Juice, Olivia.

I know I've posted about this wench before, but I can't help it.......I am OB-sessed with the chick.
When it comes to fashion, there is nothing I heart more than throwing something "off" into the mix that makes it un-expectedly perfect.
I loathe things that are matchy matchy, and Olivia succeeds big time at avoiding that.
There is something about her 'polished perfection' that isn't off-putting, but rather intriguing--it makes me want more.
She seems like an ice queen in the personality department, but I don't give a flying Birkin.
She continues to inspire me-and don't even get me started on her mane.
If we ever got into a brawl, I might have to rip her hair out and sell it on ebay.