Sunday, November 29, 2009

Oh this old thing?

Since having my little dude, running errands has become an all out event. It takes hours to get out of the house, yet I make us do it most days, just for a change of scenery.
I try to make an effort on most days. I am not the Jennifer Garner type that can run out with wet hair, baggy jeans, and running shoes. Grief.
An outfit that I wouldn't die of embarrassment if I ran into someone I know, a bit of make-up, and 5 minutes on the hair sums up the effort.
One thing I really miss is carrying a purse--it looks like I'm going out of town if I carry one plus his diaper bag. Earrings are also a rare occasion, as Addison thinks they're his to pull.
Some days I wish I had more places to go to wear the clothes that make up 75 % of my closet. Those are the impractical pieces. The, "before I moved to KC, got married and had a baby", pieces.
My friend Amber said that if times ever got rough I could sell my clothes and live off the profits.
My friend Amber lost her marbles for a second.

And yes, I look a little Sherlock Holmes with the coat on. Speaking of coats, I have quite the collection of vintage coats. I have hemmed most of them given the fact that I was not blessed with Naomi Campbell Gams. There are a few that I kept long (like this one), however I am thinking of hacking it off to the knee. Thoughts?


MerciBlahBlah said...

TRES cute, mamacita. Yep, I know the lament of not wearing earrings around The Trips, the little jerks. Loves the Sherlock Holmesieness you have going on, but I also think chopping it to the knee would work in your favor, as a fellow shortie.

Dude, my word verification is totally "momplits." Is that disgusting, or is it just me?

hannah said...

um. tell me again what size shoe you wear. actually you shouldn't because if it's my size, i'm coming to steal those boots.

MerciBlahBlah said...

Wait - why din't I notice those apple green? chartreuse? bright yellow? adorable painted chairs the first time I looked at this (not that I am looking at your posts overandoverandover again). I just happened to hop on this a.m to see if there was anything new in the Blog De GiGi, and it's a good thing I did - apparently you switched out your original photos with these new ones that included chairs. Did you switch your original coffee to Folgers crystals too? IS NOTHING SACRED???


Jessie said...

I am usually a big fan of the hemming, but I think this one should stay long!!!