Thursday, November 12, 2009

Goop Poop

I really am a Gwyneth fan. Oh there are moments where she drives me a wee bit mad. Like the time she was on Oprah pimping Tracey Anderson (the reason I fit in my jeans). She said some crap about how her left arm is flabbier than her right because she holds Holy Moses in her right arm. Flab? Where, blondie?
Then there's the "The British are much more intelligent and civilized than Americans" comment. While I might err on the side of agreeing with Ms. Macrobiotic, I am pretty sure she should keep those comments to herself.
Gwennie is part of the blogging family (Lord only knows why...doesn't she have enough outlets?). I enjoy getting her GOOP updates-I have learned how to Julienne vegetables in a more timely fashion. Her more recent cookie recipes have been off the charts yummy. Even her fashion posts have been entertaining and somewhat informative.
What I can NOT handle, however, are the ridiculous posts regarding 'best travel spots', or the latest on 'most memorable meals out'. Gwen, most of us are lucky to finely dine on a birthday, or anniversary. Usually those locations happen to be in our zip code, or in the US of A.
You are suggesting hot spots in SPAIN....or PARIS for the love of Mario Batali. While I would trade a pair of Loub's for a chance to eat at The French Laundry, it probably isn't going to happen in the near future.
So, just a suggestion, save the recommendations for your "inner circle", and stick to the recipes, and stuff that's more accessible for us common folk.
I still heart you though.

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mindy said...

yes! you took the words right out of my mouth. as soon as i get her "GO" newsletters, i always huff a big sigh and press the delete button. keep it real, gwenny!