Friday, November 27, 2009

A letter to my son...

I would like to take a moment and offer a heart felt apology.
You see, it is not my fault, this shoe obsession.
It is in our genes.
Your great grandpa Ciaccio started it. He had it bad. Real bad. He was mad for shoes.
He passed this down to me-instilled it in me at a very young age. Your nanna tells of stories where my grandparents would take me for the day, and I would come home with a whole new shoe wardrobe. (sounds like Heaven doesn't it?).
I remember the day when I got ready for school in a hurry. I had to scramble everything together, and run to catch the bus. I stood at the bus stop, and looked down at my feet. I HAD TWO DIFFERENT SHOES ON!!!!!!! The horror!!!
I immediately started sobbing and ran home to change! There was no way on earth I could make an appearance like that! Your great grandpa would have been so proud!
So, in the event that you think I am nuts for buying every single pair of shoes I see for you, remember: shoes are practical! They are a necessity!
There are even signs all over fine establishments that read, no shirt, NO SHOES, no service!!!!

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