Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mamma Cita

That's my mamma-she followed the yellow brick road to kansas city for 2 whole weeks while leaving 3 starving men behind (thanks, dad!).
I played tour guide as we hit all of the fun spots (and yes, it took up more than one day-who knew??).
She was on cloud 9 spending lots of QT with the little one, and Jared and I enjoyed giving our arm muscles a break. However in true Nanna Donna fashion, it wasn't all fun and no work--she was busy making us our drapes for our living/dining room, and again, in true Nanna Donna fashion, she went all out! They are amazing!!!!! I will post pictures sometime soon.
It was fabulous having her here, and was a teary goodbye. I pray that soon we can share the same zipcode again.

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Melanie said...

aren't moms the best?! My mom comes and plants, paints a room...it's amazing...I hope I am that good someday!!!