Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree....

And I'm glad.

Mom: I bought Add some new polo orange jeans today.
Me: To wear with the orange coat you just got him?
Mom: He doesn't have to wear them at the same time.
Me: You're out of control with the shopping.
Mom: But it's such a great sale
Me: I'm making a salad with goat cheese-your fave.
Mom: Gross
Me: Delicious.
Mom: I was at whole foods the other day. They had goat cheese samples and I took one because I was starving. It was so gross. I went back for another though.
Me: That's how I am at Costco. The poor demonstrator can't even finish her schpeel and I'm shoving something that I normally wouldn't even look at down the hatch.
Mom: I know, I always feel bad so I put whatever they're selling in my cart, and then I go put it back in the isle somewhere.
Me: You're horrible--wait-did you hear Micheal Jackson's death is being ruled as a homicide?
Mom: Yeah, and his doctor is an idiot.
Mom: our neighbor got busted for selling drugs...
Me: now it makes sense as to why he drives that Hummer.


hannah said...

awesome. my mom calls me to tell me everything she bought at the grocery store that day and what she plans to make with it. this is much more exciting.

Jessie said...

Oh my gosh, I have SOOO much to say about this... can't even type it all out. Must be in person.

Love your Mama.