Monday, August 10, 2009

(almost) Famous

My fabulous friend Jessie has this fantastic Kansas City fashion blog, and I am making my debut! We met up on the streets during first Friday's-and let me tell you, it was a scorcher! Props go to her amazing husband, G for not getting a close up of my sweat-stache.

After you're done swooning over her fashion scouting's, check her out over here as well.
She always has great tips, ideas, and fun things to share that are going on in her life!
Love you, Jess!!


Jessie said...

Your sassy little self made an EASY target! Thanks for letting us take few snaps. :)

See you soon! MWAH!

mindy said...

so cute! those sandals are killer.

Style Scout said...

girl, I have always wanted a vintage Gucci like that!!!! jealous!!! you look hot (not literally, as I know it was a warm day) but very stunning :)

hannah said...

i just found this today and was so happy, it was a little silly. you are totally adorable.