Friday, August 28, 2009

I just can't get you outta my head

the runner up

the barney's boot

So back in July, I walked upon on holy ground--the shoe department at the new Barney's in Chicago.
Before I tell you about my bootgasm let me get out my thoughts on this new location.
I had the privilege of working at Barney's when I was working for NARS in Chicago. That store was special. The vibe was incredible-infectious even. The staff was amazing. Compared to Beverly Hills, and the New York store, it was very intimate. I loved every second of it. I even loved my devoted crazy side wearing ponytail customer who was in her 70's that bought every outfit I had on. I'm not kidding. But that's another story.......
The new store is gorgeous-there is no denying that. Gallery-esque. Very chic. My tongue was wagging every 2 seconds. The cosmetic area is insane-- however, why they chose to follow NY's footsteps and put it on the lower level is beyond my comprehension--uh, hello?? window's would be nice when putting together a face!
Anyhoo--on to visit my friend, Micheal in shoe heaven. I was on my way to kissing him hello, when-gasp! Lanvin on the sale rack?? Marni wedges in my size???!!!
And then, there they were in all of their glory-those boots. I immediately flung my sandals off, and slipped those beauties on like I was Cinderella. And yes, they were my size. "I could wear these with everything"!! I became numb, and wanted to send Jared to the restroom so I could open a Barney's charge right then and there. But when we said our "I do's", he made me say the whole "through thick and through thin and we will only pay cash" vow.
I have been dreaming about them since. To be honest, they aren't freakishly expensive (when comparing to Loubouton, not Mossimo), but I have soooo many things on my fall want list! I stumbled across the Madden knock offs, and they are pretty darn close (sorry for the crappy photo), but just not the same.
What's sad is that I already blogged about another pair of boots I am obsessing over.
Stay tuned my friends---it's only just begun. And it's AUGUST.


alissa said...

my wishlist just keeps getting longer and longer and longer. not good! too many amazing shoes out there

Jessie said...

LOVing these... although I think I like the light color best. Does Steve make a light one?

Um, I know Jared's amazing and all, but ONLY CASH!??!!? You must be in love. ;)