Tuesday, August 4, 2009

God is great, God is good, let us thank Him for this food.

My son is no longer a "man-anorexic".
Our adventures with food began at 6 months....zucchini=hated it. zucchini with banana=hated it (although my mother miraculously got the dude to eat it once). sweet potato=hated it. avocado=despised. Boring rice cereal=disgusting. I used to try to make him laugh so that he would open his mouth, and I would shovel it in there. He, the smarty pants, soon figured this trick out, and wouldn't open up for anything. It was like Fort Knox!!
I was at my wits end...how could this child not like food? MY child! I mean, I live for the food network!!
After reading this gem of a book, I learned that the texture of the food needs to be super runny.
So, tonight, I gave the little bugger some sweet potato mixed in a bowl with his milk.
HE ATE THE ENTIRE THING!!!!! I mean, opening his mouth ON HIS OWN!! Wanting more!!
I was soooo excited! This was a major bonding moment! I got lost in thought.....day dreaming about the meals to come! Trips to Dean & Deluca. Deciding together whether we should get a nice chevre or a Gruyere at Whole Foods. Maybe even someday sharing macarons in Paris!!

Until then, I will forever remember this day.......and to always use a bib.


Style Scout said...

yay Add! I knew he had it in him! Who knew...runny texture?! Glad that he is on the road to discovering fine cuisine :)

GiGi said...

runny texture might equal a runny something else soon.

mindy said...

yay, success! thanks for the texture tip...this might come in handy if my little man-on-the-way happens to be a picky eater.

love the picture, btw....your son is adorable!

GiGi said...

mindy! congrats!!!! when is the eta?

and, yes, texture is everything with this dude--made home made rice cereal that was too lumpy, and feeding time became bumpy.
cheesy rhyme, but i had too.

mindy said...

thanks, gigi! my due date is oct. 28th, so I'm officially in my last trimester as of last week....this pregnancy is flying by so fast, I can't believe it!