Friday, October 16, 2009

I heard that you were feeling ill, headache, fever and a chill.

Gotta love Ferris Bueller (and my brother for remin
ding me of that scene).
What I DON'T love, however is a cold.
I hardly EVER get sick. I am really big on prevention, a
nd maint
aining good health. I swear that the reason why I was under the weather this week was because I was out of my vitamins the last couple of months. (that, and the fact that I have be
en doing WAY too much-I am working on scaling back).
The good news is that with a few holistic remedies, I was able to knock this cold outta the park.
These are some items I swear by:
These are THE BEST vitamins on the planet. They are a whole food base (meaning your body doesn't just pee them out. AND you do NOT get nauseous from them). Pricey, but worth it. We buy then from a discounted site. Email me if you'd like the info! I have been taking them for years, and switched to the pre-natal formula as soon as I became preggers.

This was the first week I tried these after a recommendation at Whole Foods. They replaced my usual Echinacea/Goldenseal combo. I was told to take 2 a day for maintenance, and increase the dosage when feeling ill. I basically took 6-8 per day, for 3 days. On sale at WF this week!
This product needs no explaining!!

My mom gave us a bottle of this when she was here. I am told it is the best way of boosting your immune system. Even gave some to the Add-man.

Garlic is a great product for cold and flu season. You can take the capsules, and/or make a big pot of veggie soup with TONS of (non-odorless) garlic.

I also recommend the "cold care" tea from this fine establishment.

So, there you have it. I'm no Dr. Feelgood, or anything, but 'tis the season for nasty germs, and this is what worked for moi!!


Jessie said...

Love these tips! My mom tells me to take most of the same stuff, but for some reason I think I'm more likely to do it after hearing it from you. ;)

She also swears by Silver Shield (colloidal silver) for pretty much any ailment... reminds me of the Dad from My Big Fat Greek Wedding spraying windex on eveyrhing!

GiGi said...

my mom was mad at me yesterday because I wasn't taking it every 15 minutes!
who the *bleep* has time for that?!

hannah said...

i wish i would have seen this last week as we were all sick as dogs at the house of huffman. STILL have not had a chance to enjoy those whoopies! SUCK!