Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stepping out.

No, I'm not referring to one of the best Joe Jackson songs ever.
I am talking about getting out of my culinary comfort zone.
There are certain recipes that I will come across, and not even consider making due to their reputation of being difficult.
Crepes are one of them.
However, while on Smitten Kitchen (have I told you lately that I love her?), I stumbled across her mushroom crepe "cake", and the drool began forming.
She has never steered me wrong with any of her recipes ( and I have seriously tried a TON of them), so I was feeling a bit confident with this one.

Then I read this line:Cook for another 10 seconds and throw the crepe in the garbage; seriously, the first one is always cursed.

I mean how, unnerving is that??!!
However, given the fact that her recipe's have such high success rate in my book, I decided to go for it.
On a night we were having friends over for dinner.
I mean, who does that? Makes a new recipe, with a high chance of failure, when people are coming with empty bellies?
That's me.

I said a quick prayer and went to work. The first crepe was exactly what she said it would be-a failure. I said another quick prayer, tried again, and this time it looked more like a crepe!
I took it out of the pan (NOT an easy thing to do when you aren't using a traditional crepe pan), and the thing ripped in half.
Third times a charm, right?
It worked! I think it takes a few tries for you to get the hang of the flipping, how much butter to use, the heat of your stove, etc.

After getting into my groove, it didn't take too long at all--I used her recipe for the mushroom filling, but can't wait to try different ways of filling this.

The best part (aside from all the mmmmm's at the dinner table), was that with the extra crepes we had, the mister and I filled them with nutella and banana's the next night.

Try it, you'll like it.

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