Sunday, May 30, 2010


Usually, about once a year, I get serious case of bang envy.
Some dumb celeb sports some new bangs, and I too, want the look. 9 times out of 10, I am able to remind myself that this celeb has the luxury of having someone DO their hair on a daily basis, and this is why their bangs always look good. I ponder "just going for it" for weeks, and then remind myself how much I HATE doing my hair, and that bangs require effort, and I flush the idea down the toilet.

Sienna is not helping. Her new set o' bangs rock, and I want them. The humidity is off the charts here is KC, which does NOT make for good hair, let alone bangs, but I want them.
Somebody call bang 9-1-1, and help a sister out.

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mindy said...

arrrgh! i've been trying to grow mine out for a few months (you know the lovely in-between-bang-look) and now i'm wishing i had asked my stylist to just chop them like i normally do. looks like i'll be driving an hour to the salon for a bang trim. thanks a lot, sienna.