Thursday, April 8, 2010

More food.

It's no secret that I love to cook. What I REALLY love, is having something delish in the fridge that the mister and I can just nibble on-aside from cheese. Man, do I love cheese. The highlight of going to Whole Foods every Sunday is seeing if they have a new sample that I can try. And then I try and justify the $14 a pound price tag.
Okay, I'm getting carried away.

Every Spring/Summer you can pretty much find a huge bowl of this in the fridge, and today kicked off the tradition.

Israeli Cous Cous (prepare according to directions-then drain, and rinse under cold water).
Veggies of your choice.
I use:
Red Bell Pepper
LOTS of fresh Basil
LOTS of feta cheese
LOTS of pepper
a bit of salt
Toasted Pine Nuts

juice of 2 lemons
some good olive oil
dijon mustard
salt & pepper

mix it all together and stuff 'yo face.


Casa Bella said...

Hi Gigi, I found your blog through your comment on blog design. I love, love cheese as well (come from an Italian family!) and much on it all day as well. I'm following your blog. It's lovely and you have great ideas (love the recipe!). Have a great weekend.

michael and kristyn said...

Wow, looks delicious Gina!

Erin said...

Whoa...just made this and it's the stuff! Thank you for sharing!