Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Je t'aime

My girl Amber has the coolest shop within the coolest shop in Kansas City. Hunh?
Yesterday I blogged about Hammerpress. I love you is the love child of Amber Hodgson-a creative genius that does hair like no other. Seriously. She is so passionate about everything she does, and puts her heart and soul into this business.
I love you is a 2 person high end "barber shop" if you will. Those 2 chairs are always filled, and you just can't help but be in a great mood when you're there. Not only will you walk out looking fab, but the product selection that Amber offers is off. the. charts. She does so much research, and has only the best of the best. You aren't going to find any Paul Mitchell Awapuhi shampoo here.

Here are some of the gems she has to offer:

I know lipstick. I am a junkie. These are phenomenal-sheers, mattes, glosses and amazing colors.

I don't mess around when it comes to tea, and Amber is always introducing me to the latest and greatest. The Bergamot by Steven Smith blows my socks off.

Amber's passion for fragrance is infectious. She actually met Yosh and created an amazing one of a kind perfume that was to die for. Not for sale unfortunately, but she has several in the shop that are delish.
This shampoo has changed my hair. It smells divine, and is worth every penny.

I am NUTZ for this entire line (and so is my mister). The volumista spray REALLY does what it promises, and don't even get me started on the hair mask. Like butta.

Chocolate? In a salon? See, I told you she was the coolest. And these aren't just any chocolate bars. I inhaled the milk chocolate Jasmine, and teared up when we finished the dark pepper rose.

If you are ever in Kansas City, you HAVE to stroll down to I love you.
You'll love it.


abbie v said...

I was a patron of the darling room long ago. I loved it. Best ever. But since 'I love you' I can't find her And I can't find her stylist becki either. If you have any info as to where they might have a salon now, I will be eternally grateful!

GiGi said...

Hi!!! I am so sorry that I am just seeing this! My blog is in the grave, sadly :) Another sad note--Amber moved to Austin...but Becki is still here, and I *think* does some hair out of her home. If you want, you can email me your info, and I can get it to Becki!!