Monday, April 12, 2010

One stop Shopping.

There are many things I miss about living in a bigger city-one of them being the shopping. I miss all of the one of a kind boutiques that sell unique items that aren't splashed across every page in a magazine. Kansas City has one of those amazing shops, and it's called Hammerpress.
I have mentioned this place several times before, and it is where I would do my Whoopie First Friday's. Here's a little more about Hammerpress:

"Started in 1994 by Brady Vest with one printing press and a cabinet of type, we have grown to a handful of lovely employees, several very heavy antique printing presses, and tons of type. We like to make beautiful things, we like beer, and we have undying affection for 80’s music and tacos."

I mean, don't you just want to spend all your free time with these people?

Need a place to write down your thoughts? Your grocery list? Do it in style with one of these fancy little notebooks.

Music Posters Galore. Cool music posters that is. You're not going to find any Kelly Clarkson. Thank God.
This is my FAVE!! And I am the proud owner of this amazing postcard (thank you Brady). Many more to choose from, hard to send in the mail because you'll want to keep them.

Art posters for everyone. These happen to be the ones I would like to own.
Getting married? You should really check out the amazing invites they do here. If you don't, you're lame.
You haven't forgotten Mother's Day have you? The peeps at Hammerpress have your back-come get mamma a card here.

Calendars that you'll actually want to look at all of the time. Which means no missed appointments. Worth every penny.

This is just a handful of the items Hammerpress has to offer.
What's even more mind blowing is that there's ANOTHER amazing shop INSIDE Hammerpres that I will be featuring tomorrow. Kind of like one of those Russian Babushka Dolls--the fun never ends.
Stay tuned.....


Sparrow's Nest said...

Lovely! I love me some Hammerpress too! Makes me miss home. ( =

Team Choate, aka Megs said...

What else do you miss about a bigger city? Midwest has been my life so I'm always curious what I'm missing!