Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I've been waiting for a show like you....

To come into my life.

I am a reality junkie. I DVR like a mad person, and fast forward the commercials like a pro.
I didn't watch any of the previews for 9 by Design, but after reading a few things here and there on the web about this family, I decided to add them to my Bravo line-up.

I am obsessed with this show. I love watching design shows, but felt they all lacked in some way or another. This. show. completes. me.
Sure, I love the family-those kids are people I'd like to hang out with, and I think Courtney should be crowned the real housewife of New York. However, their creativity and design esthetic gives me the goose bumps, and tons of inspiration.

Within 10 minutes of watching the first episode I thought to myself, "I should stop watching this, and wait to watch it with the mister as he would love this show"....and then I watched all 3 recorded shows.

Tuesday can't come soon enough.

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