Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I need a vacation...

From my vacation.

The mister, the dude, my pregnant belly and I headed out west for 8 days for a much needed get away.
We began our adventures in LA where we caught up on calories and time with old friends. There are things I really miss about that city. The accessibility being one of them. Every week, here in Kansas City, the mister drives out to meet a local farmer for Addison's milk. In Los Angeles, we can get it at my favorite grocery store. However, it will take you forever to fight the traffic to get it. The traffic is worse there than when I was living there. This has been confirmed by every single one of my friends. Before our trip, I entertained the thought of what it would be like to have our family live there. Now, not so much.
Another thing that I miss is the food. Apparently, people are eating carbs again. Two of the most happening spots are Mozza, and Terroni. Both menu's are jam packed with pizza and pasta, and getting a table is hard to do.
At Mozza, the mister and I had an insane burrata dish, a squash blossom pizza and the most ridiculous butterscotch pudding that came with rosemary pine nut cookies.

Terroni didn't disappoint with their Margherita mushroom pizza, and the salads were delish.

We were also treated to another fabulous meal by Jared's uncle Steve at BLD. I had a blonde moment, and didn't take any pictures, but I am still thinking about the sunflower seed crusted chicken with kale salad that I had.

Another great LA perk is the shopping. The mister had to be exhaling a sigh of relief that I'm preggers, because I would have gone bananas otherwise.

The best perk, however, is the beach. Our son thought so too--he repeatedly tried to crawl in the ocean going full speed, and could have won an academy award for lead dramatic actor when it was time to leave.

After LA, we headed to Monterey for a couple of days to introduce Addison to his namesake.
Even though LA has a ton to offer, it really lacks in the scenery department, and Northern California really makes up for that. The Wisteria was in full bloom, and it's amazing scent filled the air. Addison LOVED visiting the aquarium, and did NOT want to leave.

Next up, San Fransisco to visit more family. We were spoiled as the mister's aunt and uncle fed us meal after meal, and took us all over the city. A couple of highlights were walking around the Japanese Tea Garden, and an insane home cooked meal followed by a fresh fruit crepe that we are still talking about.

It's good to be back in KC, but I'm already missing all of the culture and fun things to do in California.
As soon as we got back, the mister said he was going to sign up for a frequent flyer rewards program.
Such a smart man.


mindy said...

so glad you guys got to fit in a fun trip before bambino #2. and it looks like you had such a marvelous time! now all that food talk has me hungry....must find snack.

Full House said...

You were almost in my old stomping grounds. We almost moved to Santa Cruz but settled in Los Gatos but we went down to Monterrey and Carmel often. We especially loved it when it was artichoke season because we would stop on our way down for fresh steamed yummy goodness. Why is food so darn good? Seriously the best food I have ever had was in San Francisco and Napa.

So glad you guys got to go. Now are you from CA or did you just live there for a stint?

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emmy-ray said...

Looks like so much fun! Matt and I went to San Francisco and Russian River Valley for our honeymoon and it was so beautiful. I'm working on getting him to go back.