Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Time flies...

These are my "little" brothers. Yes, they're twins, and yes, they're even more good looking in person. Being twins, they're a lot alike in some aspects, different in others, however one thing that they both have is a huge heart.
Today is their birthday, and I hate that we can't be together. I would love nothing more than to take them to Chuck E Cheese, and to six flags.
I'm not kidding.

I love you guys--words cannot express how much I adore you two.


MerciBlahBlah said...

Your bros are foxes, and your hair is The Cutes like that. WHEN are we going to reschedule our play date, mamacita?

Oooooh, my word verification?


Melanie said...

what a gorgeous fam!!!

Sparrow's Nest said...

Oh, my...aren't you all beautiful! Your parents must be supermodels!

mindy said...

oh my goodness, impeccable genes in that family of yours!! and i'm sure there are also plenty of impeccable jeans, as well. sorry, i couldn't resist. ;)