Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Somewhere other than Whole Foods...

Tunic, Sweater, Boots, Earrings, and Owl Ring:
Pants: Gap
Black Ring: H&M
Bag: Miu Miu
Nail Polish: Chanel Particuliere

It's been a while since i have gotten somewhat "dolled up" during the day.
The mister and I have gone out a few times at night, but I'm usually rushing, so I forget to document the threads.

This get up isn't all that exciting, but it's better than my leggings, t-shirt and Uggs.
Geesh, I sound like Britney Spears.


Sparrow's Nest said...

Lovin' the outfit, super cute...however...I'm assuming you are in your home? It looks lovely, do share...please?

GiGi said...

Yes my friend, that would be my dining room.....still have a few tweaks to finish here and there, but it has come a LOOOONG way!
I need to post some before and after shots.

Maria said...

Hey girl, love the outfit especially the owl ring, great touch!

Sparrow's Nest said...

I'll be waiting! Can't wait!( =

Lizzifer said...

Look at your Mui Mui!!!!!!