Friday, February 5, 2010

The next Bachelor??

So last night while out with some fabulous girlfriends, I bust out a recent picture of the kid after a bath. Normally I refer to his wet hair as "Arnold" from different strokes. However, my friend Beth says "His hair looks like Bob Guiney's!!". She's correct.
He has Guiney hair. But only when it's wet (thank you Lord Jesus).

Take a gander:
The OG (original Guiney-the original gangsta)

The dude Fresh outta the bath:

What his 'do' normally looks like:

After a session with mamma's flat iron:
(I'm kidding by the way)

He's going to be the next Pantene model, I can feel it.


Anonymous said...

omg...i think i would pass out from laughing so hard if i walked in on you with one of those mini flat irons while Addison was watching baby einstein. let's get him some true religion jeans and some leather flip flops for the summer!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA

Style Scout said...

I am dying laughing...he seriously has the BEST hair. Even if when it is wet it kind of resembles Mr.Guiney.

Lizzifer said...

Jerry curls are nothing to laugh about!!

Jenni said...

he is sooo cute!

mindy said...

he's so voguing in that last it!!

gino said...

I love the boots he is wearing in that last picture!

Beth said...

OMG, I can't believe I am just NOW seeing this post!!! I really hope I didn't offend, it's just those post-bath tub curls kind of remind me of the Guiney-do. Addison is too delicious for words... we'll just have to keep him away from the hair gel when he gets older. :0

GiGi said...

BETH!! Offend??!! It was hy-sterical~

Post worthy for sure!!!