Thursday, February 18, 2010

African Anteater Ritual....

Most of you already know the immense love and devotion I have for Tracy Anderson.
I have been doing her method for over a year now, and I am still obsessed. A bit bored, but still obsessed.
Her new DVD's should be arriving any day now, and I am REALLY looking forward to some new "moves".
Imagine my delight when this showed up in my inbox this morning. A new arm routine to tide me over until my postman delivers.

I gave it a try this morning, and it did not disappoint. One of the ways it didn't let me down, was in the, "I feel like an absolute spazz, and I can't keep up" category. Tracy never fails in this department. I was convinced that if I had a peeping Tom in that moment, he would run away, never to come back. I am sure I looked like the tasmanian devil on speed.
I am also sure that my arms will "kill" tomorrow.

Merci Tracy.


kimberly said...

ooh, I'd love feedback of the new series set after you try 'em. I like her mat workout lots, but never really got into the dance cardio as much. Her DVDs are pricey but worth it I think. I would normally just buy them, but our damn (super awesome) cat Henri is having some teeth pulled next week which sucks up all extra $ for this month :/

GiGi said...

um, who are you? you're cute, and you live in kc, and i like to know all the cute people in kc. ESPECIALLY the ones who possess large closets (saw a pic on your blog that you haven't written on in forever and you need to hop to it so that i can stalk you more).

i will keep you posted on the dvd's, and you keep me posted on Henri.

my favorite and my best said...

so funny...i TOO did this spazzy arm workout today. i have been doing the mat workout for over a year. and i too am still obsessed. i had a hard time with the free video...could hardly see it for one. but i managed to get through it but i felt like i wasn't doing it right. so we'll see if i'm sore tomorrow. i need to order the new mat workout but i can't figure out which one it is. mostly bc she changed the look of even her old dvd's so when i go on the website they ALL look new, you feel me?
can u please tell me which is the NEW mat dvd?

heart you forever?

kimberly said...

Ha! Hi, I'm Kimberly McEvers, pleasure to make your (virtual) acquanitance. Also I'm @kckimchi in the twitterverse if you're a part of that realm. Found your blog through my twittermate & now real life pal, the fabulous Jessie of Concrete Catwalk fame. We had cocktails at Bluestem a few weeks ago. Been back in KC 1.5 yrs after 8 yrs in the Berkeley & Boston. My husband opened/owns The Westside Local Restaurant & Beer Garden, which was a superb reason to return to the midwest. I was born & raised a serious thrift store junkie (thanks Mom!), am a sucker for discount designer & have a penchant for shoes (130-ish pairs?), dresses (100s) &, ok all things fashion. My amazing closet (a small room) is OOC now compared to those old pics. Guess I've bought alot in the last 1.5 years. Recent pics:
It's ever growing, but I always sell & donate seasonally also. Jessie was going to come over & see it in person, but we lingered over drinks longer than expected. She's FB friends with me too if you want to stalk me there.

I work in women's health/reproductive health.

I'm friendly. Let's be :) Cheers!

MerciBlahBlah said...

Um, are you thinking what I'm thinking, G???

Someone (Kimberly) needs to come to swappy goodness ladieth night with Jessie...

- Ames

(And I've been toying for monfs about getting Tracy's mat dvd. Mayhaps I need to do that now that I'm almost out of sessions with my trainer...sniff.)

MerciBlahBlah said...

You did not EVEN title this post from one of my favorite high school movies. And I did not EVEN do the african anteater ritual dance at a high school dance, despite what you may have heard to the contrary.

What Amy said - let's invite kimberly over to play!

mindy said...

yes!! i was so psyched to find this in my inbox, too. haven't tried it yet, and my eyes started swimming after 3 minutes of watching the video, but i definitely plan on giving it a go. my batwings could use some toning....know what i'm sayin'?