Thursday, February 11, 2010

She's my favorite.....

I LOVE this woman.

I about passed out when I opened my Bazaar today, and saw her in a Lanvin ad, and a Marc Jacobs ad.

Jamie Bochert is by far my favorite model, and she's been M.I.A. for quite some time.
She took a four year break to work on her music, and now she's back, and she's BEYOND!!!!

She is so androgynous looking, and has been compared to Patti Smith and Marilyn Manson.
I love how unconventional her beauty is. And, hello? She's married to Michael Pitt for Pete's sake.

I am soooooo glad she is back!

If they have a child, and it's a girl, my kid is marrying her.

The Lanvin Ad that made me gasp.

"you're pretty", "no, you're pretty"

Representing Mick Mars.

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MerciBlahBlah said...

I totally thought Patti Smith when I started scrolling down. Sigh...I am sad though that Mr. Addison and my Scarlett will not end up together to produce The Children With the Most Perfect Hair, OR The Children With the Hair Most Like Gene Wilder. I know, it's risky, but I thought we had their lives already planned out for them, and now THIS. Hmmmmmmpfh!!!