Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's true....

The stork is coming again!
I am about 14 weeks, and the shock of it all is starting to wear off. We are super excited, but when we first found out-we were silent for about 48 hours.

Here's how we found out:

It was 2 nights before New Year's Eve around 11p.m., and I get a text from 2 of my best friends in Chicago saying that they were coming to Kansas City to spend New Years with us. I was ECSTATIC! The mister and I start talking about all that we wanted to do while they were here, and I mosey into the kitchen, and start chowing down on his stash of kettle chips. This is something I ne-ver do. Especially at 11 p.m. Jared's just looking at me, in disbelief when I say, "I'm hungry. We should order a pizza or something....domino's". Now, let me just say that in the 4 years we have known each other, we have never ordered a pizza.
Jared sat there for a minute and says, "will you do me a favor, and go take a pregnancy test?".
"Babe, I'm not pregnant. I just started my girly time two days.......". And then I froze.
The scenario was the exact same with Addison: I have all the signs that it's that time of the month, and it never really "full on" happens. I ran upstairs and grabbed a test (we have hundreds by the way-Jared thought he was buying ovulation strips, and we got a lifetime supply of pregnancy tests). I do my business and we wait.
Here comes a line....very faint, but there's a line. I took two more. The line was still faint, but I had a breakdown none-the-less. It went something like this:
"OMG! I can't believe this! I'm not ready for number 2! We JUST got done having the conversation about waiting until Add was 2 to start trying! I want more time with him! My friends are coming here and I can't drink!! I'm going to get fat! We have to re-do the guest room, and change Add's room! I'm standing up in Jenelle's wedding and I'm going to look like a pig in a blanket!!! I can't eat anymore sushi!"
Poor Jared. He didn't know whether to just let me vent, comfort me, or hand me an academy award.
After that meltdown, I sat on the stairs and bawled because I felt guilty because I wasn't excited. That went something like this:
"This is terrible! I should be excited! I mean, it isn't about our plans, it's about God's plans! This is just so crazy! I should be so happy! Some people have the hardest time getting pregnant, and here I am worrying about getting fat! But I am gonna get fat! But that's okay. This is a blessing. Oh! Our California trip! No wine in California---it's okay-it's fine. This is good. They'll be so close in age-they'll be the best of friends. What if Addison HATES having a brother or a sister? Do you think we'll have a boy or a girl? I'm going to take another test."
And I did. I took 11 total. By the last one, the line was neon.

Fast forward a few weeks later, and the excitement began to settle in, and all is good. I still worry a bit about what it will be like to have 2. And I hear that it is sooo normal for you to think you couldn't possibly love number 2 like you did number 1 , and that sometimes you have to remind yourself your pregnant during the day because you're so busy taking care of number 1 that you "forget".
What I haven't forgotten however, is just how much I love a glass of red. When I was preggers with Add, the mere thought of wine made me nauseous. That is NOT the case with this bun. It's going to be a long 9 months.....and that non-alcoholic wine? DISGUSTING.


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alissa said...

congrats, thats so exciting!
i cant believe they make non-alcoholic wine.

michael and kristyn said...

that was hilarious. very happy for you guys!

Lizzifer said...

Yeaaaaaaayyy! You are just being true to your Italian roots. It would be unatural for you to not make a small army. :) Let me know when you need a babysitter.

kimberly said...

congrats on your future bebe! sparkling apple cider cheers

jessie said...

Hooray! You're out!

I've kept my mouth completely shut, but it hasn't been easy!

Can't wait to meet the new little mini-Gigi or mini-Jared!!! Love you guys!

hannah said...

i feel like i should take a pregnancy test for you. holy crap! congratulations lady, number 2 will rock your socks right off, but in a good way.

mindy said...!!!!! i'm over the moon excited for you, gigi!! glad to hear things are settling down and you're getting into the preggers routine. sorry about the red wine....i know just how you feel. fortunately, now that nolan sleeps through the night i can occasionally sneak in a glass after our last nursing session.

can't wait to hear how things go in the coming months! keeping you and jared in my prayers...

Jenni said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so excited for you!!! I can imagine the freak out. I think i'd freakout too! but good for all the pregnancy tests laying around! haha that is too funny!!!!

GiGi said...

Thank you all so so much for your sweet congrats.
But what I would appreciate more are some baby-sitting coupons--effective Sept 1, 2010.


Full House said...

Hey that is a fine bit of news you've shared. congrats. I laughed that you took 11 pregnancy tests.

Ever thought about ordering multiples..haha

At least you felt bad for crying because I didn't. Don't get me wrong the trips have blessed our life but it took me a month to decide I was happy.

xx - Christina