Monday, January 25, 2010

May I have a word?

Okay tooth fairy. I know typically, you are in the business of taking teeth away, but I have a special request: BRING 'EM ON!!!!!
You see, our dear son is toothless. Thirteen and a half months, and toothless. What's worse, is that the wee lad has been teething since FOUR MONTHS.
Yep, you heard me right, four months. The signs have all been there, yet the evidence is lurking behind some really thick gums.
So, please, if you can, sprinkle your magic fairy dust over Kansas City. Like, right now, because he's napping.
I don't care if he wakes up looking like Steven Tyler.
I just want some teeth.



Jenni said...

Oh the poor dear! I hope he gets them soon!

Anonymous said...


Full House said...

ditto to whatever the above commenter said.

Oh crap I am already going to be fired as your new friend. I really did mean to comment back right when I recieved it. I'm not so sure about hoe the whole blogging etequette thing works...

As for the vita far I it has been so strong that I have used it instead of my food processer & it has worked well. As for juicing...that may be iffy because some people may not like all of the pulp and leftover fiber it leaves. If you don't mend it then I would say it works. The thing is a miracle machine though.

So seems a vita mix would be a good fit for your family as one of its memebers has no teeth.

I swear I don't work for Vita Mix.

As for your last recipe. We have so much salmon that husband brought home from Alaska & need to make it more exciting. I have never used Panko. Is it easy to find?

xx - Christina

Sparrow's Nest said...

crackin' me up sister. Seriously though, Steven Tyler? Ohhhh.

p.s.- Glad you love the pillow. can't wait to see pics of it in action!

mindy said...

poor little guy!! i'll be crossing my fingers for some teeth to sprout soon!