Friday, January 15, 2010

It's happening....

I'm becoming one of them.
Well, not literally, but I did go to the mall before they were open.
It was jam packed with walkers!
They were EVERYWHERE! It's like a cult! And I lost count of the fanny packs.
The local mall has this great area for kids to play, with a merry-go-round, and it's becoming my most favorite place ever.
What's happening to me?
And if my friends Mel and Jules meet us, it's pure bliss.
My, how times have changed.
Maybe we should sneek a flask in or something?


Jenni said...

hahaha that would be fantastic! You could go get a smoothie and then spike it!

Style Scout said...

I'm crack me up! And so do those Mall Walkers..geeesh. Fanny Packs galore is right!

this blessed nest said...

omg! i am dying over here laughing. my dad is one. swears by it - too! ok, just to be honest...hello, my name is kellie & i went walking with my dad in the MALL while visiting him last week. AND, i thought to myself...why not do this everyday. it is indoors. perfect in the winter.

cute post!