Friday, January 15, 2010

Looking for work.

My knees buckled when I saw this.
Givenchy is coming out with it's famous Nightengale bag.

I think I might open an at home day care until I can save up for this.
Add's college fund can wait.
My priorities are in check.


alissa said...

omg i thought the same thing -that is AMAZING. i would try to fit myself in it and sleep (this wouldnt work)
but its amazing

Full House said...

Can we be friends? I am going to try that recipe tomorrow.

Anyway I just took a stroll through your blog and I see you get as excited about food as I do. Loved the post where you had the little guys food next to yours..some avacado millet get up.

Also you would make anybody who doesn't like to thrift want to go if they had a chance to be as stylin as you.